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Online share trading offers an edge over other methods. You can quickly check the status of market using software. You can use trading software that alerts you if a share drops or reaches high. You can run software that helps you in analysis. You can even execute your transactions.

One can get different software, designed specially for stock trading, from websites of online share trading companies. Share trading companies have hired professionals who know the functioning of stock markets. They know how to analyze markets. And they have put in this knowledge to develop software that can fetch data from stock exchange and display it in an easy to understand manner. This software can present analysis of chart data and let you work on different case scenarios. You can also manage your portfolio on the software.

There are different kinds of software available, which can be classified as data, charting, and execution. Data software helps in fetching share related data from stock exchanges and displays them in graphic format.

Each person involved in trading stock requires data. Though this data can be obtained from stock exchange, fetching it manually can be quite tiresome. Especially, as the data keeps on renewing. Day trading software can be used to eliminate the rounds of stock exchange. This software connects to stock exchange and brings in the data: share price, volume, closing price, and difference in price etc. Stock exchanges provide real time data feed at a very nominal cost. If you intend to use real time data, you may subscribe to the service and utilize the software to fetch the data.

Charting is required to analyze data, to identify trends in stock market, and to take decisions. Online share trading makes extensive use of charting software. Such software works on data feeds obtained by stock exchanges and displays them as stock market charts. This software also offers the facility of scenario testing and If-Then analysis, among other analysis methods. Some software are open ended, meaning one can customize them further to suit their needs. The only difficulty of the customizing is ability to program the software. However, programmers can improve the software further.

Executing transactions is yet another task that is performed by people involved in stock markets. One needs to sell off or purchase the stock based on his decisions. Those involved in day trading need to perform such executions more often than others. This can be hard if done manually. Trade execution software is available for online share trading. This software is linked to central software of stock brokers. A transaction execution software helps you to connect to your broker and place orders instantly. Some software can also be programmed to sell off shares if a price is reached.

In addition, people engaged in online share trading use software that helps in money management. They can keep track of money spent on various stocks and the stocks that are generating maximum returns. This type of software helps in identifying stocks that are not performing so that you may eliminate them from your portfolio.

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