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Day Trading Software

Online share trading offers an edge over other methods. You can quickly check the status of market using software. You can use software that alerts you if a share drops or reaches high. You can run software that helps you in analysis. You can even execute your more

My Favorite Day Trading Strategy

What I'd like to do in this very short article is give you an overview, looking at the strategic level, of how I trade my favorite setup, which will be the one referred to in most of the analysis on my more

Day Trading Stocks - The Advantages of Gently Trending Stocks

For the new, or inexperienced trader, choosing a stock with a gently trending characteristic or personality is the better approach. You don't need to worry about sudden spikes upwards or downwards in its price, which could catch you unawares and harm your more

An Easy Introduction to 3 Aspects of Day Trading

Sometimes you will hear the term "end of day trading". Needless to say, I took the term rather literally when I first came across it. Day trading is founded on the principle of using prices of stocks as they are at the end of each day's trading more

Do Not Ignore These 3 Crucial Points When You Start Trading

So many potentially good traders can easily be put off from the outset, because they failed to follow three main rules when they started out. Losing money is result, and the most common problem is ignorance, or at least lack of proper more

Day Trading - And How Not to Make the Big Scary Mistake I Made

When I became aware of the increasing use of the stock market, or in other words, when a colleague suggested I look at trading instead of saving bonds, I started to buy a well know stocks and shares magazine, from the local more