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What it Takes to Become a Professional Stocks Trader

The things that separate the amateur stocks trader from the professional stocks trader are the same things that separate the boys from the men. Everyone is indeed capable of making the jump to becoming a successful professional stocks more

Stock Options Trading Overview

The concept of Stock option trading was introduced in the 1970's, and it became popular in 1980's. However the market losses of 1990 caused a stop in this type of trading, the recent concept of electronic trading (online trading) made them again popular to the public.. read more

Stock Trading Basics Revealed

First of all, a "stock" refers to a share of ownership in a company. Companies sell stock to raise capital. Companies that trade on stock markets are public companies that have issued stock to the general public. Each person who owns stock has a number of shares in the given company, which give them corresponding ownership more

Emini Trading Systems - Albert Einstein and Emini Trading Systems

Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in a small German town of Ulm. He died in 1955 in Princeton, a small town in New Jersey, USA. He was a theoretical physicist, first and foremost, although it is not so unusual these days to see questions "what would Einstein do?" more

How To Protect Your Self From Identity Theft Stock Trading

Stock trading involves transactions of millions of dollars every day. Even a slight lapse in online security of personal information and financial transactions may cost the stock traders more

Six Steps to Start a Share Portfolio

So you are going to start your investment portfolio and begin to invest in some shares. Here are some steps to start you in the right more

Options Trading - Avoid High-Priced Seminars 

The stock market is down, yet options activity is up. That means that many are finding themselves taking control of their assets and getting into the Wall Street game of more

Basic Understanding About Options Trading

Many people dare not trade option, and the major hindrance to them is that they feel that options trading is complicated with lots of strategy more

Understanding How Trading Works

What does it mean to trade stocks? You hear the phrase all the time. Are you trading one stock for another? Actually, to trade stock means that you are buying or selling more

Stock Options Trading

Stock options trading are profitable way of investing in stocks. It is just like you buy stocks in the stock market with some difference. In stock options trading, you buy option contracts instead of more