australian flagThe Forex Capital Market in Australia is a booming business that gives the chance to many broker companies to expand their client base.
A decent broker is a key for success. Bad broker management and unclear rules and regulations can turn increase the risk connected to this already risky business.
The good thing is that the Forex Brokers Australia are nationally regulated, and they comply to a series of requirements to keep their licenses.
Some of those requirements are:
1. Separate account for client’s deposits and the company funds
2. Trained staff to meet the standards set by the regulation body
3. External audit of Forex broker books on a regular basis

Broker Regulation in Australia

We mentioned that Australian brokers are under the supervision of a national authority and that they have to comply with tight rules. That body is the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), a government body in charge of enforcing and implementing laws that relate to financial services and companies that offer such services. Their primary goal is to protect Australian investors and consumers alike.
Brokers that are regulated by this body enjoy the trust of their clients, and as a trader you should always stay informed about the regulator authority that your broker complies with.

Main Features of Successful Brokers

The best Australian Forex brokers usually provide an excellent customer service that the clients are satisfied with, fast execution rates, popular trading platforms, dominant spreads or commissions, and leverage up to 1:5.
The customer support service should be available 24/7 for any questions or concerns, and it should be competent to offer solutions to problems you might have. The trained staff in Australia makes sure that they are ready for your inquiries and will politely and patiently answer all of your questions.
The most advanced Australian brokers offer customer support service who is highly committed to their tasks. They include live chat, e-mail, and telephone available around the clock during weekdays. If your broker is really high-rated, you will encounter pleasant staff that is competent to solve your problems, or at least explain to you whatever situation you gotten yourself into.
Australia might experience some challenges because of the geographical distance from the financial centers of New York and London. The Internet can sometimes be slow or disrupted which causes frustration with clients. Some of the top Forex traders Australia use a fiber optic internet connection directly connecting to New York. If the fiber connection is combined with one of the leading service providers, an ideal speed can be achieved, and clients can enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth connection.

Find the Best Australian Forex Brokers

The first thing newcomers to the market should do is a thorough research to find the broker they can really trust. Try to find a reliable, well-regulated broker and make sure you know the difference between shabby and decent broker companies.
The Internet offers many broker reviews where you can find useful information on particular broker companies and how they are rated by customers.

Regulation and Data Security

As a new trader, always look for brokers that are regulated by national authorities or nationally acknowledged financial bodies. In Australia, the top brokers are controlled by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), giving them the credibility they need to be trusted.
Traders usually trust brokers that are backed up by strong regulation rules, and you should not make any exceptions. All legitimate brokers must be registered in Australia and regulate trading only in Australia. Avoid brokers that state that they are licensed in other countries; you are a citizen of Australia and comply with the rules of your state.
Top Forex brokers Australia make sure that your data are protected and not violated. Everything you enter will be encrypted for security purposes. The leading brokers will also make sure that no data are lost in case of a software crash. Data duplication is the most common method employed to deal with this issue.


Spreads are the next in line to observe when choosing a broker. The spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price. The aim is to find a broker with narrow spreads, particularly if you are a beginner, to reduce potential losses.
Some brokers charge only the spread, while others include a fee or commission to be paid for every transaction. Some even add deposit or withdrawal fees. The lower the fee, the more popular the broker is.

Different Accounts for Different Users

Demo accounts, which are an essential part of Forex broker offers, are usually free and give you the opportunity to practice and test the capital market. Others require a deposit to open a practice account. Minimum deposits are acceptable and do not harm the reputation of the broker, in contrast to high fees.
To meet the needs of their diverse client base, Forex brokers, including best Australian Forex brokers, usually offer different types of accounts, from demo to standard and VIP accounts for real professionals and experienced traders.

Leverage and Trading Platforms

Forex brokers Australia generally offer decent leverages. They can be as high as 1:500. This is a convenient method to spur the profit-making of traders, but can also go in the opposite direction resulting in indebted traders. Therefore, leverages should be used wisely, or you can ask or hire an expert to advise you on that matter.
Trading platforms play a significant role in the broker business since they are the link between traders and their financial decisions. A decent platform offers all currency pairs available, a graphic chart indicating the movement of trends, a Stop Loss option and the history of trends. The platform should be easy to use with a pleasant interface. Given that many traders prefer different styles, top brokers will provide more than one platform.
Top Forex brokers Australia also provide a number of platforms to meet the demands and styles of their clients. Sometimes they use their platforms, but mostly they offer an independent platform that is quality-approved.

Cash Options

Always look for the brokers that offer fast payouts. No broker should have a problem with transferring the money you earned to your account. No excuses are acceptable.
A top broker is supposed to assist you in every aspect of your trading activities. You deserve a smooth platform either an online, downloadable or a phone app platform that should work impeccably, providing you with all necessary options.

Risks and Instructions

There are certain risks you should take into consideration when entering the market and sometimes the risks are not connected to the broker company of your choice.
For example, market liquidity: even if the currency market is one of the most liquid markets it can come to a downfall if the market conditions are unfavorable. The general advice for traders is never to trade more than they can afford. Sometimes you can lose more than you initially deposited.
To reduce the risk, you should start out with a short market watch list. This means that you should not trade too many currency pairs at once, but start slowly with one or two trades, in order not to lose oversight of your trading activities
Ideally, trade in high-liquidity currencies with short spreads. Set the Stop Loss option to prevent serious losses of your investments.
If you enter the market, be ready to prepare for a volatile environment where changes take place every minute with no breaks. Be prepared to take all that comes as calm as possible and do not let the trend movements take control over your life. Just find one of the best Australian Forex brokers and try to estimate the right timing to invest and to withdraw profits.