Indonesia – the Country of a Promising Future in Forex Trading

indonesian flagIndonesia has had a hard time to manifest a clear regulation for the Forex market, but lately, it is seen as a potential future Forex, market leader which attracts many customers (domestic and international) who look for Indonesian Forex brokers.
Nevertheless, one should stay informed of the regulations and rules that are often subject to change. The government seems to try to enforce a stricter strategy to protect consumers, and that is great news for potential Forex traders.

The Indonesian Forex Market Expansion

The Indonesian Forex Market has been expanding very fast since administration requirements were loose and did not seek much attention in the last years. However, the Indonesian government appears to have woken up and tightens the leash on brokerage companies.
First of all, the Indonesian economy relies on the Forex market to stimulate domestic economy, while the government wants to create ideal conditions to establish domestic Forex companies that are as good as European ones.
This means that Indonesia Forex brokers provide realistic and decent conditions for customers in a stable and safe environment.
The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of the country (1EUR equals 14.988 IRD). The Bank of Indonesia is in charge of the monetary policy and currency management. The poor economy of Indonesia partly relies on the role of the IDR in the Forex market to boost their economic growth.

The Bank of Indonesia in Charge of the Forex Market

The Malaysian Forex brokers are closely monitored by the Bank of Indonesia and have to comply with the rules and laws that the Bank issues. As a potential foreign Forex broker in Indonesia, be aware that the Bank, as the regulator, imposes very strict standards and that taxes are enormous in Indonesia. The Bank introduced high fines for breaking broker regulation laws.
Forex brokers Indonesia vary from small local brokers to large brokerage firms. There is no doubt that you can find the best Indonesian Forex brokers who match western brokers.

Tips for Newcomers

The standard rule for new traders is always to look for a licensed and certified broker company. Be aware that your broker becomes your business partner, and you need a strong supporting hand in handling your investments.
Forex trading requires skills like emotional control and knowledge of the economic situation, as well as the currency movements. As a beginner, turn to educational resources to get a clear idea about what Forex trading is. Knowing that you are entering a risky business, make sure to be prepared. A good brokerage company will be useful to you and pay off in the long run.

Top Forex Brokers Indonesia: What to Look For?

Even if there are not that many domestic brokerage firms in Indonesia, you can still find the top brokers that will handle your finances just as good as a western broker firm.
The best brokers in the world apply a set of standard rules and fulfill certain criteria. As a beginner, it is most important to you to know what those criteria are. You will find the best Indonesian brokers if you carefully observe if they meet the following criteria:
– Demo account and standard account (most of the time a VIP account as well)
– High-quality easy-to-use trading platforms
– Narrow spreads and steady leverage
– A wide range of currency pairs
– Regulated by an official national supervisory body
– Effective Customer Support Service
– Quick payouts
– No or low commissions on deposits and withdrawals
These are the basic criteria you should expect from a professional broker. They usually take their business seriously and offer safe and fair business conditions to their customers. If the customers should think they have a reason to complain, brokers make sure that a supervisory body inspects every issue.
Demo account is a practice account for newcomers to test the waters before investing real money. Afterwards, a standard account should be offered to them. Trading platforms are a big deal. They are the connection between you, your business and your business partner (the broker). You as a trader should have all the conveniences a platform can offer and therefore test multiple platforms by multiple brokers before deciding on one.
The leverage policy is pretty much the same everywhere, mostly ranging from 1:100-1:500, but in Indonesia, you can find brokers that offer lower leverages. Maybe as a beginner you should stick to lower leverages to avoid losing someone else’s money. Stick to narrow spreads as well, given that you still make your first steps, and you definitely want to make smart moves. You will gain more experience at a lower risk if you follow these instructions.
This cannot be stated enough, so let us repeat that only a broker which is officially obliged to follow strict regulations and which meets high standards is a trustworthy broker. Do not engage in business with hard –to- track –down brokers.

Support and Banking

The best Indonesian Forex brokers will offer efficient customer support with competent staff. Ideally, the customer support includes a multi-language service for foreign investors. The customer support staff should employ a quick-reply policy in order to not let the customers wait too long and harm the broker’s reputation. The very best broker firms will provide adequate training and education for the employees to meet even the highest demands of customers with a smile.
Quick payouts are the most valued feature by clients. Once they secured certain profit, a top broker does not delay the payout. Make an enquiry on that matter too in your search for Forex brokers Indonesia.
Some brokers require fees to be paid for every transaction, including withdrawals, but very few seem to mention that at the beginning. Ask for specific information on fees and commissions in order to not get ripped off.
As long as you are careful and make a thorough research on every aspect you cannot go wrong.
The best Indonesian Forex brokers will offer all information, a beginner guide, and educational resources to you with the aim to prepare and equip you with the right skills for the tough market conditions out there.

Risks and Basic Instructions

Sometimes the risks are not connected to the broker company of your choice, but rather are imposed by the harsh economic global rules. Once you enter the global market of this proportion, you should be aware that every slight economic change may influence your investments and profits.
Unfavorable market conditions can sometimes dictate the lack of liquidity despite the fact that this is the most liquid market on Earth.
To reduce the risk, begin with trading in one or two currency pairs and slowly work your way up to more pairs. This enables you to keep the situation under control until you get steady on the market.
The best option would be to trade in high-liquidity currencies with narrow spreads.
As far as your personality is concerned, try to keep a cool head and do not let emotions run your decisions. The market can be tricky, and you will have to acquire a set of skills to last in the business. As far as your broker is concerned, find the top Forex brokers Indonesia and pick the one that is the most appropriate for you and your needs. Avoid risky moves and maybe seek advice from other members using the same broker.